(in order of appearance)

Linda Cropper

Voice of Frank Hurley
John Noble

Endurance captain
Frank Worsley

Alasdair McGregor
Author of Frank Hurley A Photographer’s Life, Viking (Penguin Books), 2004

Joanna Wright
Royal Geographical Society, London

Mike Gray
Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock, England

Dr Alf Howard
Polar expeditioner on Mawson’s BANZARE expedition to Antarctic, 1929-31

Adelie and Toni Mooy-Hurley
Hurley’s daughters

Steve Martin
Mitchell Library (now Antarctic author)

Stephen Burton
Photographer, Australian War Memorial

Ian Affleck
Curator, Australian War Memorial

Charles Bean
WW1 official historian. Bean was instrumental in the establishment of the Australian War Memorial and of the creation and popularisation of the ANZAC legend.

Dr Martyn Jolly
Head of Photography and Media Arts, School of Art, ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

Dr Jim Specht
Worked at the Australian Museum from 1971-2000, head of anthropology. Much of his work focused on PNG and he was instrumental in the repatriation of cultural property by the museum.

Seuna Malaki
PNG village spokesman

Graham Shirley
Film historian for the National Film & Sound Archive

Gael Newton
Senior Curator of Australian and International Photographyat the National Gallery of Australia

David Malouf


Written and Directed by
Simon Nasht

Produced by
Anna Cater

Peter Coleman

Andrew Aristides

Linda Cropper

Hurley’s voice
John Noble

Mick Harvey

Titles and Design
Lisa Stonham

Archive Research
Graham Shirley

Historical Consultant
Alasdair McGregor

Additional Camera
Michael Brennan (Europe)
Philipe Bellaiche (Middle East)

Production Managers
Isabel Perez
Martien Coucke

Post Production Assistant
Lindi Harrison

Location Sound
Graham Wyse
Warwick Finlay

Sound Editors
Michael McMenomy
Andrew Plain

Sound Mix
Robert Sullivan

Music Mix
Michael Letho

Special Effects
Gyuri Kiss

On-line Editors
Kristian Anderson
Luke Todd

Al Hansen

Frame Set and Match

Lloyd Hart

Executive Producers
Krishan Arora
Stefan Moore

With thanks to
Adelie and Toni Hurley, Australian Antarctic Division, Australian War Memorial, National Library of Australia, Kodak Australia, Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, Simon Drake, Ian Godfrey, Stuart Hammond, Stephanie Pfennigwerth, Don and Margie McIntyre, James McKay, Damien Rice, Tony Wright

Archive Sources
Adelie and Toni Hurley, Australian Museum, Australian War Memorial, Curtis Brown, December Films, Film Australia, Film World, Greater Union Pictures, Mawson Collection (South Australian Museum), Mitchell Library (State Library of NSW), National Library of Australia, ScreenSound Australia, State Library of Victoria

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